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Welcome to The Uplands Medical Practice, where you will find useful information about our surgery, the services we offer and links to health-related information.

We value your feedback to help improve our service. Please email comments and suggestions by clicking ‘Contact Us


Covid-19 Update:  We are following NHS England guidance with regards to putting safety procedures into place to ensure future plans for the surgery are safest for all. Please see the link on page for up to date Government Covid-19 information


For help with wearing mask – please click on the Gov website as this will give you the required information. Please note we CANNOT issue letters for people who are unable to wear masks as this is not an NHS service.


The practice will be using video and telephone communications for some consultations. Before joining a video consultation, please can you ensure your camera and microphone settings allow third-party access.

Following current guidance with regards to the Coronavirus the practice will continue to allow access to the practice on a social distancing level (please use the buzzer for entrance) and all patients will need to follow the guidance especially in the waiting area, and around the building.


The Uplands Medical Centre has a zero-tolerance policy of all violence and aggression. This policy is for the protection of all NHS staff, but also for the protection of other patients, their families, visitors, etc. In order to ensure that this zero-tolerance approach is adhered to, it is essential to have robust policies and procedures in place. In General Practice, this will need to cover a variety of situations in which incidents could occur. Generally speaking, the majority of patients behave in acceptable or manageable ways, however the incidence of excessively aggressive or violent attacks in the GP practice is increasing.

The practice recognises that there can be contributory reasons for patients behaving in difficult or challenging ways, however, where this tips over into aggression or violence, the practice will adopt a zero-tolerance approach.

The Uplands Medical Centre aims to provide high quality healthcare and we will treat all patients with respect and dignity. In return we expect all our staff to be treated with respect. We will not tolerate abusive language or threatening behaviour against any member of staff. Such behaviour may result in the offender being denied access to the doctor and/or further measures as appropriate.

Read our full policy here.


The practice will close between 1pm and 3.30pm every 3rd Tuesday of each month for mandatory staff training to keep up to date to improve patient care and experience.

If you require medical assistance during this time please call the practice line and you will be directed to the BARDOC GP service line for advice.

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